Wrap services in Massachusetts for buses, vans, and trucks.

Improve your sales using vinyl wrap

This type of advertising is quite useful to generate messages that are easy to remember in the target audience. You can consult some of the OAAA (Out of Home Advertising Association of America) numbers and confirm if car wraps work for advertising.

Wrap your truck, van, or bus and drive your message everywhere

The success of using the promotional wrapping technique is hidden behind the number of miles that your trucks and buses can travel. However, think about how powerful these messages can be if they also can stay longer in addition to long travel distances.

Fleet wrap for buses - wrap services

Know our main wrap services

wrap services in massachusetts

Bus Branding

Buses are the most used form of public transportation in the US, accounting for up to 5 billion bus rides a year. Fleet advertising studies show that you could get about 30,000 to 70,000 impressions on the road a day.

That’s not even counting the number of people who are exposed to your ads because they’re stuck in traffic with your bus, or they happened to be walking down that same street and couldn’t miss the huge, hulking vehicle plastered with colorful ads.

Fleet Graphics

Our vinyl letters are a versatile product that looks classic and professional. We try to create an elegant look that suits your brand and your vehicle.

 The use of car letters as an advertising tool will definitely increase the visibility of your brand.

Commercial vehicle wraps are the best option when it comes to advertising. You will receive more customers daily than with any other medium.

wrap services

We achieve the design and installation of incredible graphics for your fleet that communicates your brand’s message to increase your sales by taking advantage of the city’s opportunities. Every single design is created and manufactured with the highest quality materials. Our fleet graphics are designed to last and to protect your vehicles from road wear.

Types of wrap services for fleets

Full Wrap

It is perfect for promoting a product or service because they manage to use the vehicle’s entire surface. Also, if it is a personal vehicle, it is ideal for color changes or riskier designs.

The design can cover the whole vehicle, top to bottom, covering all external surfaces.

Partial Wrap

Only part of the vehicle is wrapped, saving money on material and installation, giving you a low car wrap cost. The vehicle’s color gets incorporated with the design, so vehicle color is of concern for this option.

It is about installing the wrap on a section of the vehicle, minimizing vinyl and installation times. Furthermore, supported by a smart design, it is possible to achieve that the wrap blends perfectly with the car.

It usually makes the design look more corporate. Having a greater area than in the Die-Cut vinyl custom wrap, you can use the brand’s colors more creatively. 

Spot Graphics and vinyl lettering 

It is possible that your vehicle only needs a logo or some text; this happens with brands whose message is straightforward.

Therefore, at MSC, we also offer die-cut graphics that use 3m vinyl wrap and are quick and easy to install on the vehicle.

Custom Wrap

It is a small fraction of vinyl that is applied to the vehicle. It is usually used to promote a specific brand, so the sticker is only printed with a company logo. It is ideal for fleets of trucks or vans.

When it comes to a wrap for a personal vehicle, it is a small fraction that enhances the vehicle’s design, especially on the sidelines or around the front and rear lights.

In vehicles with a sportier cut, vinyl usually helps to mark the design’s aerodynamic lines.


Let’s promote your company using our corporate vehicle branding! 

Project Management

To start your project, we will assign you a business advisor who will help you plan and design the new wrap for your fleet. Of course, your advisor will be leading the wrap installation process. This person will also always support you with questions about its care and protection.

Graphic Design

We know how vital is every message your brand transmits, which is why we always guide you in the design process of your new wrap. So, with Mass Safety Contractor (MSC), you have a team of expert designers. We will guarantee a message that is genuinely representing your business and is also easy to remember on every route.

Production & Printing

We offer a wide selection of 3M and Avery graphics to give your fleet all the essence of your brand using high-quality products you can trust.

Graphics Installation

We install full or partial wraps, and we help you in their care and removal. No matter where your fleet is located, we can complete the design in our facilities and support you in the installation anywhere. At MSC, we help you with the manufacturing and logistics of your new advertising.

Finished Product!

The best way to take advantage of the traffic jam!

At MSC, we believe that your fleet is the best showcase to show your customers the products and services you offer.
We achieve the design and installation of incredible graphics for your fleet that communicates your brand’s message to increase your sales by taking advantage of the city’s opportunities.

Best graphic design and vinyl graphics in the market

High quality

More than ten years of experience

It doesn’t matter the size of the vehicle; we always accept every challenge

Fast vehicle wrap installation

Where can you install car wraps in your fleet?

Vehicle wraps in Massachusetts.

Our main office is in Massachusetts, but we can install truck and bus wraps nationwide, using 3m vehicle wrap film. Hence, you’re only one step away from getting one of the best advertising techniques.

Are you ready to drive your business to the next level?

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