Why use Pure Zone

Antibacterial adhesives are not new to some, but Pure Zone offers some warranties that make a difference. Other similar products, or even surfaces without coating, can develop a high level of bacteria that can be extremely dangerous.

When you should use pure zone

This can occur in two scenarios:

1. A biofilm composed of microorganisms and a layer of mucus that may require a more in-depth cleaning.
2. Germs can spread quickly, allowing bacteria to reproduce.

Those scenarios force the team to carry out constant cleanings to eliminate bacteria and prevent biofilms, which are quite recurring on steel surfaces.

Pure Zone film1

The best of Pure Zone is the antibacterial action of its silver ions that not only quickly activate bacteria to prevent their proliferation and development. Also sturdy and uses constant and prolonged protection, acting for 24 hours, 7 days a week, and for 5 consecutive years.

You can apply it on any surface and with full assurance that it is totally safe for humans and not causes skin irritation.

Use it on floors, walls, shelves, handrails, doors, or even in technological tools. Any area with significant exposure to microorganisms.

Pure Zone film2

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