Top 3. Best holographic car wrap

We were surfing the internet, looking for some examples of the creativity of some car lovers. That’s how we decided to put together a top 3 of the best holographic car wrap designs.

Just a small explanatory note. These works are not ours, so you can consult the source of the image in the description below each photograph.

In case you fall in love with any of these designs you can contact us, our team can help you make the makeover of your car a reality. Now yes, let’s start with our count of the best holographic car wrap:

Fist place. T-1000’s Camaro

As if it were the personal vehicle of T-1000, the villain in charge of assassinating Jhon Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, this Camaro seems from another dimension. Is it a James Cameron creation? Regardless of the conceptual origin of this idea, it looks spectacular to us. It is worth admiring, what do you think?

holographic car wrap

Source: @psycamaro

Second place. Powerpuff Girls’ Aventador

A beautiful Lamborghini LP700-4 model with a holographic style is very similar to the Powerpuff Girls’ colors.

No doubt, whoever owns it has plans to save the world at top speed. Would you like to achieve something like this for your personal vehicle?

Source: ,,@dreamsfactorykl

Third place. Ford F150 from the ice kingdom

Holographic wheels, holographic color, all in white tones. It seems that this Ford F150 is the personal vehicle of the king of an ice empire. Doesn’t she look beautiful?

Source: ,,@crownsiktx

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