Top 3. Best camouflage design

On this occasion, we will make a Top 3 of the best camouflage designs. We will go through them with the help of an Instagram account, FBG75, a Parisian photographer dedicated to portraying the most beautiful high-end specimens that come across the streets of Paris.

Fist place. Ferrari F12

A beautiful Gran Turismo vehicle, officially launched in February 2012. It has a 6562 V12 engine with 6,262 cc and indirect injection at 200 bar (2,842.7 psi), which it offers is incredibly powerful for an atmospheric 12-cylinder.


Source: ,,FBG75

Second place. Ferrari 458

It has a naturally aspirated 4.5L V8 engine delivering 570 hp (419 kilowatts). Known as the Ferrari Italia, it was designed by Pininfarina. It began marketing in 2010 when it was released as a replacement for the Ferrari F430.

Source: ,,FBG75

Third place. BMW M3

With imposing red camo, this vehicle is the sports version of Series 3. It is based on the E30 Series that began its commercialization in 1986. It has a 2979 cc S55 Biturbo in-line 6 engine.

Source: ,,FBG75

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