Taking care of your employees

Today we share with you the best strategies to taking care of your employees during this contingency. The whole world has changed, a disease is present, and now even the economy seems different. Therefore, and being aware that some industries have remained active to ensure the well-being of many people.

Taking care of your employees

1. Whenever you can, please, use remote work

We know that some positions do not require to leave home to complete all the duties, so it is best if you allow your employees to work from home. Just make sure they have a stable internet connection and access to everyday tools.

2. If your employees must leave the house, then they must apply the necessary sanitation standards

Fortify the sanitation protocols in all service stations, offices, shops, and vehicles. Just like frequently used tools like cell phones, computers, and phones. Equip your team with masks, gloves, alcohol, and hand sanitizer, and remind them of the minimum distances to taking care of your employees. In case they need to make a delivery, it is best to do it without contact, leaving the packages at the door.

3. Remote work is an option for everyone, even partially

If your team needs the attendance to carry out their corresponding tasks, it does not mean that the business meetings must also be in person. Enable an official communication channel for everyone; in this way, all sessions can be held virtually, and everyone will know the optimal method for the company to do it.

Taking care of your employees Remote-work4. Train your collaborators to improve the employee experience

Use that official channel to train your employees. Share with them online courses in different areas and some study materials. Also, it is an excellent way to continue remembering the health indications for everyone, not just your collaborators, but also their families.

5. Together, they can make the company a reality

It seems like an opportunity to improve your employer branding, but this time the brand must be built from inside the company. Remind them that they are a team, and together they will overcome the contingency, hold weekly meetings to explain how the company is doing and how it has progressed through the news that attacks the country’s health.

Do not forget that at MSC, we care about you, your business, and your work team. That is why we have hand sanitizer in different presentations, ready to be sent to your company and that in this way, you take care of yourself and your collaborators.