Take care of your car during the quarantine

With the situation that we are going through worldwide and the quarantine imposed throughout the country, the use of our vehicles is weak, and in some cases, it is null. Therefore, it is vital to take care of your car with the following tips:

Table of Contents:

Take care of your car

You may believe that caring for your car depends on use: The more you enjoy it, the more care you should give it; but the truth is that even when your vehicle is not in use, there are certain cares that you must provide to ensure that it will work correctly after quarantine.

From the outside in, the outside and inside of your vehicle are important

Try to keep your car indoors, as prolonged exposure to the sun and water can affect and destroy the painting. If you cannot count on a garage, you can use a cover to protect it.

Try to keep your car indoors

If, on the other hand, if you can keep it indoors, then it is vital that, if your vehicle is not the latest model, keep the windows slightly open to allow air to circulate and prevent bad odors from closing in.

Be careful with the tires

Only by quarantine is it possible to inflate the tires with a little more than the recommended pressure, mainly due to the stillness, as they will slowly lose air. Also, you must move your vehicle a little to change the pressure points and avoid deformations.

Keep the tank full of fuel

Try to have the tank always half full or completely if you prefer; this prevents some parts of the engine from being damaged by starting it and will prevent the fuel from evaporating over time.

Keep the tank full of fuel

The battery, everyone’s fear

With the vehicle stopped, the cells are very likely to lose charge, and to avoid that you have two options:

  1. Turn it on with some frequency and move it a short distance,
  2. Or disconnect the battery, but this may deconfigure some internal vehicle options.

Monitor fluids

Check that all levels remain under recommended measures to avoid future damage. However, remember to check them with the vehicle off and the engine cold.

Monitor fluids

With these extraordinary circumstances where the whole world is under home confinement with their families, it is essential to remember that your vehicle, that environment in which you have lived thousands of adventures, needs optimal care.

If you have questions about the care of the wrap or need to remove it, you can contact us. At MSC, we know how relevant your car is.