How to reach a smart vehicle wrap design

The smart vehicle wrap design for your fleet is a big decision. This is a useful type of advertising due to the impact it has on your target audience, so any mistake can directly impact your brand, and therefore, your company. For this reason, we want to offer you the following tips to have them super present when defining the design for your fleet.

smart vehicle wrap design


The smart vehicle wrap design

  1. Define your buyer persona; that way, you will know your target audience’s tendencies.
  2. Set a tone of voice to speak to your customers from all your brand messages, including social networks.
  3. Carry out a market study to find out the perception of users towards your services and products.
  4. Identify the possible places where your fleet is circulating.
  5. Find the best provider for installing the vehicle wrap in your fleet, such as MSC (contact us by clicking here).
  6. Make a list of external factors that your vehicles will face to choose the best vinyl for your design (consider factors such as rain, heat, humidity, or road salt with snow).
  7. Contact the MSC team to begin your vehicle wrap design.

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