Returning to work is safer with Pure Zone

After the mandatory quarantine, back to work may involve a risk of exposure to Covid-19, or even another type of microorganism. For this, the best solution is thePure Zone by Hexis antibacterial film.
Returning to work is safer with Pure Zone
You can contact the MSC team to install this product in your office, including public spaces such as waiting rooms and lobby, walls, counter’s surfaces, touch screens, and the door handles of each entry.
Furthermore, Pure Zone by Hexis is also suitable for public or corporate means of transport and almost any surface where your employees have constant contacts, such as the floor and the register machine.
Don’t forget to keep these health tips in mind
Pure zone
  1. Even though the mandatory quarantines are over, we still need to maintain handwashing and wearing masks.
  2. Ensure that your collaborators’ workspaces are suitable for their health. It is vital to carry out continuous disinfection sessions (contact us if you would like to install Pure Zone on desks).
  3. Constant cleaning should not go for workspaces only, but it is also essential to clean computers, keyboards, phones, and cell phones.
  4. Finally, recommend to your team that they have some alcohol and antibacterial with them, as it will be useful in elevators and ATMs.

Where to buy Pure Zone

For more information on how to take advantage of Pure Zone on a safe return to work, contact us now.
*For more information about COVID, consult the World Health Organization website.