Meet Pure Zone, the antibacterial film

Can you imagine having an adhesive capable of protecting your public spaces from batteries 24/7?

That’s just what Pure Zone does, an antibacterial film that you can easily care with regular cleaning, made of washable, waterproof materials, ensuring long life.

In fact, one of the most significant advantages of Pure Zone lies in its waterproofing, since it prevents humanity from being retained, an essential element for the proliferation of bacteria. Pure Zone is a barrier that remains permanently active.

What is an antibacterial film

During the manufacturing of the Pure Zone PVC film by Haxis, encapsulated silver ions are uniformly distributed in a glass matrix. When the bacteria come into contact with these ions, their metabolism is blocked, and their proliferation is interrupted.

Pure Zone’s most significant advantage is that it protects surface 24/7, protects inaccessible areas, reduces in 99.9% development of germs (under ISO 22196 standard), and is active up to 5 years.

Pure Zone by Hexis

Plus: Pure Zone is ecological and without nanoparticles.

This film can be applied on any surface as it does not cause skin irritation and is totally safe for humans. Just imagine applying it on shelves, floors, counters, and technological tools of constant use, such as touch screens.

You can know which are the areas with Pure Zone thanks to the label, which is easy to identify but does not hinder the signs of your business.

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