Personal care in times of return to work

The quarantines have ended, many still work from home, but the vast majority are ready to return to the old normal. However, not everything can continue as before; now, we have new health habits that must remain to ensure well-being everyone in general, including friends and family.

Goodbye Covid-19, hello new reality

The entire world spent 2-3 months in mandatory confinement. Still, the international economy is now ready to revive its engines with the same force that it had before the contingency. But for this, we need to take care of each other, which is why you must follow these recommendations:

  • Continue to wear masks, and don’t forget to wash your hands frequently; this will help to slow down the infections and help you prevent the disease in your personal and corporate spaces.
  • Avoid using outdoor gyms, in some cities, it is common to find some exercise machines outdoors in parks, but the truth is that these spaces, whose use is widespread, can become spaces with a high probability of contagion.
  • Whenever you use the ATM or elevators, disinfect the buttons with a cloth and a little antibacterial or alcohol.
  • If you need to go to a beauty salon or a barbershop, try to validate that you have high biosafety protocols.

Personal care must go to work with Pure Zone.

Remember that the MSC team is here to help you in your collaborators’ care, so you can get in touch to receive a quote on the installation of Pure Zone in your workspaces.

Personal Care MSC Pure Zone

The Pure Zone by Hexis antibacterial film manages to stop the proliferation of bacteria by 99.99%, keeping spaces such as windows, counters, floors, walls, touch screens, and door handles clean and disinfected.

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