Ideas to Revolutionize the Post-COVID-19 Film Industry

The pandemic has shaken all markets. One of the most affected has been the film industry, as social distancing forced the closure of hundreds of movie theaters worldwide.

However, at MSC, we decided to take the initiative and build strategies that will significantly help this industry regain its strength in the market.

The use of IoT in cinema

These are not special effects in movies, nor theory of the future; These technology solutions are available, and their benefits to the industry are worth analyzing.

In any theater, comfort is essential because it determines the user experience. With IoT, you can achieve:

  • Schedule the film for automatic projection
  • Control the room temperature
  • Level the lights and their dimming depending on the brightness on the screen
  • Synchronize the speakers
Film Industry

Allowing every visit to the cinema to be a fully immersive, automatable, measurable, and programmable experience.

Sterilized and bacteria-free movie theaters in Film Industry

Using Pure Zone on the floors, walls, and even on the chairs’ armrests, you will achieve cinemas that meet all the sanitary characteristics after the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is an easy-to-install antibacterial film that helps keep surfaces free of bacteria, preventing their proliferation, 24/7 up to 5 years.

If you want to know more about Pure Zone, read our article: Meet Pure Zone, the antibacterial film. But if you would like a quote from Pure Zone for your business, you can contact us through our social networks, email, or by calling 1800.978.3577.