How to take care of your fleet

With the current contingency, some companies can keep their commercial operations active, especially to guarantee the supply of each home and the maintenance of emergency services and public transport.

However, if your company is one of them, you must take into account the following health measures:

Take care of your fleet

1. Promote the constant use of face masks and gloves.
2. Provide each vehicle and work equipment with disinfectants.
3. Print and locate the essential health and hygiene measures inside each vehicle.
4. Establish a daily disinfection schedule for the interior of each car and a weekly one for external disinfection.

car-wash5. Use disposable protectors on seats and cabrillas, but only those that are fixed and do not alter safety when driving.
6. If your food transport fleet validates that each vehicle works correctly and that it is suitable to avoid contamination of the same.
7. If the fleet delivers to residences, it establishes a contactless delivery policy.
8. In case your vehicles carry passengers, limit the capacity only half, and indicate to the passengers that they sit respecting the respective distances.


Don’t forget that MSC watches over the health of your employees. That is why we have hand sanitizer in different presentations, ready to be sent to your company and that in this way, you take care of yourself and your collaborators.

*For more information about COVID, consult the World Health Organization website.