Learn how to remove a vehicle wrap

The process to remove a vehicle wrap it is very simple, but we would like to clarify that although we are going to explain the step by step, we prefer that you call us and allow us to help you with this because we can guarantee an optimal result.

remove a vehicle wrap

However, we know that if you have reached this article, you are determined to do it yourself, so here is the step by step:

How to remove a vehicle wrap

  1. Peel off a corner or edge of the material and slowly start lifting the vinyl. As you remove it, make sure you keep an angle fewer than 90 degrees, this way you will make sure that the plastic does not break, and the process will be easier.
  2. If you find an area that seems to resist removing it, you can heat it a bit with a heat gun, with this technique it will quickly give way.
  3. After removing all the adhesive there may be residues of this on the paint, but do not despair, there are some manufactured products specifically for this, you can write to us through social networks or call us to advise you with some of them.

If you are ready for your next design you can contact us, do not forget that our team of specialists can help you with the whole process, so you do not need to arrive with your vehicle without the wrap to install your new design. We will wait for you!

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