How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

Do you know how much does a vehicle wrap cost? Do you have a fleet and you would love to install a corporate wrap for branding? At MSC, we can help you, whether you already have the design in mind or you are still thinking about starting to implement this type of advertising in your vehicles.

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How much can a vehicle wrap cost?

The price can be very variable, as it depends on the size of your fleet, the dimension of the design you want, and even the materials to use. May vary by individual types of businesses and vehicle usage. However, remember that the MSC team is ready to advise you at each stage of the process, and by clicking here, you can more accurately quote what you require.

Don’t forget that if you don’t have a design, you can always lean on our designers’ team to ensure that your brand message is optimal to your target audience.

Note: if you do not have a fleet but a vehicle that you are interested in installing a custom wrap design, You can contact us by clicking here.

Please do not install it yourself, if you want a quality result, you will need to have a specialist.
We know that you may have some doubts about whether or not it is worth investing in this type of advertising, but here we leave you some compelling arguments:

Why invest in advertising with vehicle wraps and graphics?

  1. It is the best way to take advantage of the traffic jam in the city.
  2. Your products and services will be known to everyone as you drive nationwide on any road.
  3. Depending on the design, the message will be impossible to forget so that you will have a good impact on your target audience.
  4. Advertising with vehicle wraps is one of the cheapest forms of advertising since they do not have a monthly charge.
  5. The materials we use at MSC are of the highest quality and protect the paint on your vehicle.
  6. You can rely on our expert team to achieve the best of designs just as you require.
  7. You can change it whenever you need it. Car wrap removal is easy peasy. So installing your new design doesn’t have to be an odyssey.

Stop thinking about it so much! Go ahead and contact us to start enjoying the benefits of advertising with vehicle wraps and get a quote to know H¡how much can a vehicle wrap cost for your corporate fleet.

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