An basic guide for promoting your business

At MSC, we know that each business’s success lies in the number of clients it manages to attract. Therefore, we see advertising as an excellent tool to revolutionize the market and guarantee a higher number of sales.

This is why we have created a list of marketing strategies that will help you better understand ​​which ones can be more effective for your business. With this list, you will find a description of the strategy and a success rate.


1. Word-of-mouth 64%

This is one of the oldest methods of marketing in the history of commerce. Having the recommendation of a person in a group of friends will increase the number of customers exponentially.

In this type of marketing, it is perfect to use print advertising in vehicles because it allows a greater reach. You can ensure that your message is remembered by each of its readers.

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2. E-mail 34%

Email marketing is an excellent strategy to get prospects to make a purchase. It is also ideal for the loyalty of customers who have already had a good experience with your products and services.

Just remember that you must ensure the correct administration of your users’ personal data. To do this, you must adhere to the habeas data law, which will help you avoid sending spam.

3. Networking 25%

Many businesses succeed through small alliances with other companies. Having a network of contacts will always be essential to increase your market and achieve corporate word-of-mouth.

4. Social media 23%

In a digitized world like the current one, you must promote your business on social networks. In this way, anyone, regardless of the place or time, will be able to check your contact details, services and products offered, and experience in the market.

A good profile on social networks will cultivate more confidence in your prospects.

5. Search Engine Marketing 14%

If social media is essential, positioning your business on search engines is just as crucial. Achieving a correct implementation of SEO positioning will make your business visible to your local clients.

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