Do you know what vehicle wrapping is?

Vehicle wrapping has become a world trend. Over time, it has gained significant relevance, as it is a technique that allows two incredible things:

  • Promote brands, products, and services
  • Give an astonishing look to your personal vehicle

What is a car wrap

It is an adhesive that is installed in motor vehicles. In general, under a design previously thought for the type and size of the car.

The technique can be used to publicize a brand or generate easy-to-remember messages about products or services. However, it is also very common to style personal vehicles and is ideal for those who are fans of cars.

In many cases, it can be used to change the image of vehicles, such as color.

vehicle wrapping


Benefits of car wrapping

  • Helps protect original vehicle paint.
  • Promote brands, products, and services.
  • It is easy to remove.
  • Lasts as long as you want, as long as you take good care of it.
  • Adds an extra touch of design to your personal vehicle.

How to take care of a vehicle wrapping

Find the best tips on how to make your wrap last long in our article: Do you know how long does a vehicle wrap last?


Do you know how much it cost a car wrap?

The price can be variable because it depends on the size of your vehicle, the dimension of the design you want, and the materials. Write to us to get a quote to or call us at 1800.978.3577.

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