Basic digital marketing to promote your business

Digital marketing requires the right messages at the right time. Since we know you are interested in promoting your business to increase your sales, we will give you the basic rules to do it without inconvenience.

Just a little warning before starting:

The world of digital marketing is a rough and deep sea, so you may need a specialist if you need to reach levels that are beyond the basics.

Digital marketing requires user understanding

Based on the science of neuromarketing, a reaction pattern can be established between your campaign and your customers’ behavior. Since digital marketing is based on disseminating images, it is vital to keep in mind how people are processing the information that your campaign sends them.

With this in mind, consumer reaching strategies will always be determined by those factors that catch users’ attention, something that will place your brand first before the others.

How to attract customer attention

Play with the factors that attract and attract the brain’s attention, all usually drawn by the striking messages and the images that inspire confidence in the product, which shows them real and not only as prototypes.

Learn how to create smart digital campaigns

The brain takes little time to process the information, so it is essential to properly build your social media campaigns or promotional emails. According to the limited availability of care, these images must first show “what catches the customer “what you consider that guides the purchase.

In a second, it must capture attention and try to supply a need simultaneously. For example, something like discounts shown striking in a high-demand product always works to attract users to final purchases.

Take care of the texts in each of your campaigns

Continuously try to ensure that the titles, along with the input images and the website, are always attractive and visually consistent, highlight what is essential but remove the light from what you consider not so important in your marketing plan.

Show your real products

It is essential not to limit yourself to the photo banks that are only generic but give higher levels of quality and confidence to your brand.

Use photos with faces. It would be even better since our minds are familiar with human looks and therefore are ideal for calls to purchases and subscriptions. It has also been proven in several studies that the client always looks at the place of the screen towards which the faces are in the photographs.

Use clear and direct advertising

Keep as a main rule, do not go around too much. The user visits your site looking for something specific, what you promised in exchange for a click.

If you would like to translate all these rules into your print advertising, you can contact us through our social networks, email, or by calling 1800.978.3577. We will gladly help you turn your fleets of corporate vehicles into the best promotional showcase for your products and services.