Different types of car wrap for cars

The car wrap is a technique that has now become much more popular despite having been in the market for many years thanks to the fact that large brands are taking it to the next level, moving from brand promotion to finding the perfect balance between advertising and design.

Therefore, there are currently many types of car wraps for cars that you can explore, so you will choose the most appropriate vehicle and the message you would like to convey.

Die-Cut Vinyl Custom Wrap

It is a small fraction of vinyl that is applied to the vehicle. It is usually used to promote a specific brand, so the sticker is only printed with a company logo. It is ideal for fleets of trucks or vans.

When it comes to a wrap for a personal vehicle, it is a small fraction that enhances the vehicle’s design, especially on the sidelines or around the front and rear lights.

In the case of vehicles with a sportier cut, it is usually vinyl, which helps to mark the design’s aerodynamic lines.

Partial Vinyl Custom Wrap

It usually makes the design look more corporate. Having a greater area than in the Die-Cut vinyl custom wrap, you can use the colors of the brand more creatively.

In personal vehicles, it is usually used as a direct manifestation of the vehicle owner’s personality, making it look like a race car.

Full Vinyl Custom Wrap

It is perfect for promoting a product or service because they manage to use the entire surface of the vehicle. Also, if it is a personal vehicle, it is perfect for color changes or riskier designs.

Car wrap

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