Car wrap advertising scams

Car wrap advertising scams has been popular since the COVID-19 left some people unemployed, a factor that criminals use to benefit financially, and steal money from those who need it most.

Read this article very carefully and pay special attention to our tips to avoid becoming a victim of this type of scam.

car wrap advertising scams

How to identify a car wrap advertising scam

They will usually contact you through digital media, such as social networks or email. Each of their messages generally has grammatical and spelling errors, something that should indicate that they are not official communications from established companies with a history in the market.

They offer large sums of money in a short time so that you accept the deal quickly and provide them with more personal information. This is configured as another sign that something terrible is happening. You really don’t usually get paid a lot of money for this type of advertising.

As a measure of building trust, they send their customers a check for the full amount of the ad installation and the first month’s payment. You can validate your trust bank because, in most cases, the check will bounce after you wire money.

Actually, you can click here to see a testimonial of car wrap advertising scams in a real case of 2018.

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