Top 5 aspects of the vehicle wrap and graphics process

Our specialty at MSC is making sure that your corporate vehicles are the best showcase for your services and products so that you can make the most of traffic jams, parking, and why not? The car washes.

For our team, the wrapping process for your car is not just a matter of work; it is fun. We enjoy the process because it is what we are most passionate about, that’s why we want to share with you a top 5 of the best curiosities of the vehicle wraps installation:

Vehicle wrap

 aspects of the vehicle wrap

  1. Believe it or not, not many come with a clear idea of ​​the design they want for their cars, for them, the vehicle wrap process does not start in the workshop with the car ready for the makeover, it begins with our team designers. They are who help us to land the ideas of our clients, and if you do not have any, they are in charge of presenting the best design proposals, which will not only look great on the vehicle, will also optimally promote your services and products.
  2. Not just any vinyl is suitable to be installed in your vehicles. Some clients contact us to correct some hasty decisions they made, but our team of professionals and specialists always manage to fix everything.
  3. The wrap does not damage the paint. The installation of vehicle wraps protects the paint, but remember: When removing the vinyl, the paint will be in the same conditions as before installation.
  4. Advertising with vehicle wraps worths it. Some of our clients get a little skeptical about it, but they manage to lose their fear over time. This type of advertising guarantees that your target audience remembers your products and services. To achieve this, it is essential to have a team of specialists capable of advising each entrepreneur well on the best advertising options to install in your vehicle, depending on your brand and its objectives.
  5. The secret to a suitable vehicle wrap is in your care. For example, to ensure that the vinyl remains shiny, it is essential to clean it by hand once a week. Also, for washing, it is vital that you avoid automatic washes, as they can cause damage to the design, and you probably will need a new wrap.

If you have any questions about vehicle wraps for corporate vehicles, busses, and trucks, you can contact the MSC team. Furthermore, if you are interested in installing a vehicle wrap for your fleet, you can request a quote.

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